Visa Information

In Tanzania, visas are required by most foreign nationals whether visiting for a holiday or to conduct business. Tanzania does permit visa free travel for a period of up to three months to some foreign nationals, mainly those from African and Asian countries however in most cases, with the exceptions of Kenya and Uganda, these visitors will still to obtain entry permit clearance. A Global Visas immigration will be able to advice you of the exact visa requirements for citizens of your country of residence traveling to Tanzania.

Tanzanian Tourist visa

In Tanzania, tourist visas may be issued as single or multiple entry permits and are valid for a maximum period of three or six months respectively. As with short-term visit visas and business visas is many destinations, these time limits are the maximum period for visas may be granted but do not necessarily reflect the grant that will be issued.


  • Photocopy of round-trip, airline tickets or itinerary. -
  • Photocopy of the statement showing sufficient funds for the trip

Tanzanian Business visa

Tanzanian business visas are also issued for either a single entry of multiple entries and are granted a maximum duration of three of six months. As with short term business visit visas in most destinations a visa of this kind does not constitute a work permit or employment visa and does not entitle the holder to work in Tanzania whether in paid or unpaid employment. Business visas are a temporary immigration solution designed to allow applicants to engage in a range of business related activities including attending meetings and business conferences and researching potential buyers or suppliers.


  • A letter on company letterhead addressed to the Embassy of Tanzania, Visa Section, Tanzania High Commission / Embassy your applying, signed by the company executive, stating the nature of the business, duration of the trip, companies to be visited, guaranteeing sufficient funds.
  • Visas for research will only be granted after the applicant have been cleared by the Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH): P.O. Box 4302, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Tel.: 255-22-270.0750 or 270.0745 Fax: 255-22-275.313 E-mail: ( )
  • Visas for journalism will only be granted after the applicant have been cleared by the Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH): The Tanzania Information Services (MAELEZO) P.O. Box 9142, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Tel.: 255-22-211-0585 or 212.2771 or 211.2860 Fax: 255-22-211-3814 or 211-6474. E-mail: ( )


All Tanzanian visa applications must be accompanied by a valid passport form the applicant’s country of origin. For candidates who are living in a country which is not their country of origin, proof of residence must also be supplied. In all cases, passports must be valid for a minimum of six months after the duration of the visa. Where candidates are applying for Tanzanian business visas, a letter from the business contact in Tanzania will be required. The letter must detail the proposed duration and purpose of the trip to Tanzania.

All foreign nationals traveling to Tanzania should be aware that it may be necessary to attend an interview and that supporting documentation may be required.

Spouse Immigration and Dependent

Immigration Short-term visit and business visas for Tanzania do not make specific provisions for family members of the main applicant to travel with them. Short-term visas do not lead to long term or permanent settlement and require their holders to return to their country of residence when their visa expires. If the spouse, common law partner, civil partner, or dependent children wish to travel to Tanzania with the main applicant, they will need to apply for a visa individually.

Who Needs Visa To Tanzania?

All nationals of the countries or territorial entities mentioned below. Stateless and those holding non-national travel/refugee documents or passports issued by an authority not recognized by the United Republic of Tanzania, must obtain a valid visa on each occasion they need to enter Tanzania. The countries whose nationals require visa for Tanzania are:

Afghanistan; Albania; Algeria; Angola; Argentina; Armenia; Austria; Azerbaijan; Bahrain; Belarus; Belgium; Benin; Bhutan; Bolivia; Bosnia; Brazil; Bulgaria; Burkina Faso; Burma; Burundi; Cambodia; Canada; Cape Verde; Central African Republic; Chad; Chile; China (Peoples Republic of ); Colombia; Comoros; Congo; Congo (Democratic Republic of); Costa Rica; Cote D’Ivoire; Croatia; Cuba; Czech Republic; Denmark; Djibouti; Dominican Republic; Ecuador; Egypt; El-Salvador; Equatorial Guinea; Eritrea; Estonia; Fiji; Finland; France; Gabon; Georgia; Germany; Gibraltar; Greece; Guatemala; Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Guyana; Haiti; Holland; Holy See; Honduras; Hungary; Iceland; Independent State of Samoa; India; Israel; Italy; Japan; Jordan; Kazakhstan; Korea (North & South); Kuwait; Kurdistan; Laos; Latvia; Liberia; Lithuania; Libya; Luxembourg; Macedonia; Malagasy; Maldives; Mauritania; Mauritius; Mexico; Moldova; Monaco; Mongolia; Morocco; Mozambique; Myanmar; Nepal; Netherlands; Niger; Norway; Oman; Panama; Papua New Guinea; Paraguay; Peru; Philippines; Poland; Republic of Ireland; Portugal; Qatar; Romania; Russia; Rwanda; Sao Tome & Principe; Saudi Arabia; Senegal; Slovak Republic; Slovenia; South Africa; Spain; Suriname; Sweden; Switzerland; Syria; Taiwan; Tajikistan; Thailand; Togo; Tunisia; Turkey; Turkmenistan; Ukraine; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom; United States of America; Uruguay; Uzbekistan; Venezuela; Vietnam; Yemen; Yugoslavia (all traveling documents issued by former SFR of Yugoslavia or by present Yugoslav Authorities)

Citizens of the following countries do not need a visa for stay up to 90 days:

Namibia, Romania, Rwanda, Hong Kong, Commonwealth states except UK, Canada, Nigeria, India, S. Africa.

Visa Application Requirements

  1. Special delivery – prepaid self-addressed envelope for return of the Passport (for postal application).
  2. Two Passport Size photographs.
  3. Filled in Application Forms – download  
  4. Visa Application Applicants for the entry visa to Tanzania must meet all the necessary requirements. These include the submission of the following:
  5. Valid Passport (at least not less than six months from the date of entry)
  6. Supporting letter (for Business visas).
  7. If applied by post please send the original receipt from bank or postal order VISA Fees Once the Visa is issued the fee can not be refunded.
  • The Fee for all the visas, Tourist, Holiday, Transit or Business depends on the country you’re applying
  • Visa Fee varies depend on the Nationality Please visit the Tanzania Tourist Board website at to get more information on visa processing and requirements. For those persons in the United States, you may contact the Tanzanian Embassy in Washington, DC for assistance, or Duke’s Visa Service will help in the processing of your Tanzania visa for a nominal administrative fee. Please visit for more information.


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