Wildlife Management Area

 Situated in central, eastern Tanzania between latitudes 06010'00" and 06030'00"S and longitude 37050'00" and 38015'40" E. Established 2003, Population 65,935
"One of the important transboundary elephant migration corridor" Size: 1391 sq.km Region / District: Tunduru District, Ruvuma Region
"Wildlife at a glance" Size: 639 sq.km Region / District: Morogoro. UKUTU WMA lie between 310000 - 435000 E and 9158000 - 9395000 N. The WMA extends from Mkulazi Forest Reserve in the East to Mikumi National Park in the West.
"The selous wildlife refugee centre during dry season" Size: 767sq.km Region / District: Rufiji District, Coast Region Ngarambe - Tapika WMA is comprised of two villages Ngarambe and Tapika which are located in the Rufiji District of the Coast Region of Tanzania.
"Undiscovered Wealth" Size: 4,515 sq.km Region / District: Liwale Disctrict, Lindi Region Magingo WMA is located in Liwale District at latitude 37° E and 38.30” E, longitude 9° S and 10° S in Lindi region.
"The calm wildlife sanctuary" Size: 2540 sq.km Region / District: South of Sikonge Township, Tabora Region
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