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The area is part of the Selous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor. It is rich in miombo woodlands and abundant wildlife reserve.

The Selous - Niassa Miombo woodland ecosystem as a whole is the largest trans-boundary natural dry forest ecosystem in Africa covering 150,000 km2 and extends across southern Tanzania into neighbouring Mozambique.

Size 511 square kilometers 

Region / District: Kilombero and Ulanga districts, Morogoro Region
Iluma is located in Kilombero and Ulanga districts, Morogoro Region in the Eastern part of Tazania. Iluma is part of Selous ecosystem and most importantly part of Kilombero Valley Ramsar Site.

 Size : 1,345 sq. Km 

Region / District : Namtumbo-Ruvuma

Eneo la Jumuiya hii ni sehemu kubwa ulimwenguni lililohifadhiwa la misitu ya miyombo. Vilevile eneo hili la hifadhi ya Jumuiya ya Kisungule ni sehemu ya mapitio ya wanyama(ushoroba) wanapohama kutoka Seluos upande wa Tanzania kwenda Niassa nchini Msumbiji na kurudi.

Chingoli WMA
Chingoli Wildlife Management Area was gazetted 2012, the area is part of the Selous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor. It is rich in miombo woodlands and wildlife.


"To conserve the RWMA as part of the Tarangire-Manyara Ecosystem for biodiversity, tourism and socio-economy"

"The home of large buffalo population and migratory birds" Size: 617 sq. km  Region / District: Babati District

The Burunge WMA in Babati District is located in Tanzania’s wildlife-rich northern tourist circuit.The WMA is very close to both Tarangire and Manyara National Parks.

Mbarang'andu WMA is part of the Selous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor. The area borders Selous Game Reserve in the North and in the South with Mozambique. On the Eastern side, the WMA is bordering Ludewa and Mbinga districts.

"The Largest WMA in Tanzania with potential business opportunities" Size: 5372 sq.km  Region / District: Kiteto District

The WMA is found in Kiteto District, Bordered and/or completely surrounded by hunting blocks.

"Newest tourist hunting destinations" Size: 768.9 sq.km  Region / District: Meatu District

The WMA is located in Meatu District.

"Wildlife and history at crossroad" Size: 839 sq.km  Region / District: Urambo District, Tabora Region.

Uyumbu is in Usoke Division, Urambo District, Tabora Region, Uyumbu is located in Southwest of the old historical stave trade transit route at Usoke.

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