Tunduru - Nalika


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Tunduru - Nalika

"One of the important transboundary elephant migration corridor" Size: 1391 sq.km  Region / District: Tunduru District, Ruvuma Region

Nalika WMA is located at 10°-11°S, 36°36'-37°35'E in Tunduru District, Ruvuma Region. Nalika WMA is part of the Sefous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor. The area borders Selous Game Reserve and Muhewesi Forest Reserve to the north and Isasawala Forest Reserve to the south.


Established 2003

Number of villages allocated land to establish WMA 9


  • Common animals in the area are Elephant, Hippopotamus, Leopard, Buffalo, Lion, Hyena, Zebra, Bush pig, Warthog, Hartebeest, Wildebeest, Sable antelope, Reedbuck, Wild dog, Aardvark, Silver backed jackal, Python and variety of small mammals, variety of reptiles, amphibians and birds.


  • The area can be reached by Mikuyu airstrip which is about 70km from the WMA centre.




Physical Address

Jumuiya ya Nalika, P. O Box 6, Tunduru, Ruvuma.

Email: nalikawma@yahoo.com


Facilities in the Area

Masailand Hunting Co. Ltd P. O. Box 72584, Dar es Salaam

Email: elly@bamboo-rock.com

Tel: +255 784655078


+255 22 2668615