CWMAC - Services

The main objective of the CWMAC is to provide services to AAs members and non-members in Tanzania and improving members' social and economic welfare.

Our Achievements

CWMAC’s major achievements to date include:

  • Bringing unity and increased awareness to the WMAs, allowing them to speak with a strong and unified voice to government.
  • By bringing a range of stakeholders together to focus on more favorable policies for WMAs, CWMAC helped get the WMA Regulations 2012 approved which devolved authority to WMAs giving them freedom to obtain investors on their own.
  • Successfully advocating for an increase of 5% of WMA photographic revenue in 2016.
  • Attracting tourism investors to 12 WMAs with contracts worth over 4.3 million USD. 
  • Helping to increase the number of poaching-related arrests in 5 WMAs across 2,125 sq km after supporting anti-poaching efforts such as through the training of Village Game Scouts (VGS) on intelligence sharing and promoting closer cooperation with Wildlife Department officials.
  • Successfully advocating for and facilitating the government endorsement and provision of IDs to160 VGS, thereby authorizing them as anti-poaching officers with legal powers to arrest and seize and status to testify in court.
  • Providing valuable conflict resolution and legal support to AAs, leading to four different WMAs successfully defending themselves in court in major contractual disputes.
  • Building the capacity of AAs and district government to ensure transparency in the tendering and awarding of contracts to investors, as well as providing coordination and negotiation support in tender and contract development processes.


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