Investments in WMA's


Investment Opportunities

Investment opportunities existing in Tanzania have been categorised in terms of Lead Sectors and Priority sectors.

Tanzania is an emerging economy with high growth potential. Whilst the economy is relatively diversified, a number of opportunities remain untapped in many sectors. In an attempt to make Tanzania the preferred destination for foreign direct investment, continuous improvements towards the creation of an enabling environment have been made.

  • Provide technical guidance to WMAs in the entire process of procuring investors in WMAs by working closely with Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT) and respective District councils
  • Working with landscape partners in supporting development, management and marketing of conservation based enterprises.
  • Support WMAs in collecting Tourism revenue data to ensure transparent benefit sharing between WMAs and MNRT,
  • Collect Tourism and revenue information to support CWMAC Advocacy Plan and agenda for improved benefit to local communities and enhanced business Environment in WMAs
  • Working with different WMA partners in developing environmentally friendly micro-enterprises using other natural resources such as honey, coffee, other food commodities and handcrafts,
  • Identify and establish scalable market linkages for local products and services in WMAs.
  • Working with WMAs landscape partners in developing opportunities for WMAs to gain increased benefits from the tourism value chain.
  • Support establishment and/or improvement of the effectiveness of Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOS) focused on increased access to credit and financing for the establishment of environmentally friendly micro enterprises in WMA communities.
  • Promote communication and coordination among WMAs, CWMAC, potential investors and other partners for increased investment in WMAs,
  • Participate in dialogues or initiatives aimed at improving national policy environment for tourism in WMAs.


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