Tourist Hunting


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Tourist Hunting

Tourist hunting takes place in Game Reserves, Game Controlled Areas, Open Areas and in Forest Reserves. Resident hunting takes place in Game Controlled Areas and Open Areas not allocated to tourist hunting.
There are two types of hunting which are legally recognized in Tanzania. These are tourist hunting and resident hunting. According to the Wildlife Act of 1974, all hunters are required to obtain a valid hunting license or written authority which is issued upon fulfilling conditions e.g. the applicant has attained age of 18 years, posses a valid firearm license in respect of the firearm intended to be used in hunting and that he has a reasonable knowledge of the use of a firearm for the purpose of game hunting.
With the exception of illegal hunting, legal hunting usually takes place from July to December of each year. Hunting is based on quota system set out annually. The hunting quota differs between hunting blocks/grounds. In 2008 43 species of mammals were hunted and 7 species of birds.
Rules of the game
The rules include but not limited to: no hunting or killing of young or female which is apparently pregnant or which is accompanied by its young.

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