Wildlife Management Areas in Tanzania, Promoting Community Based Conservation and Livelihoods

Produced by Real2Reel Film Productions, www.real2reel.org Tanzania is uniquely rich in wildlife and natural resources, with over 28% of the country directly protected through national parks, game reserves, forest reserves and other conservation areas. However protected areas are not sufficient to alone accommodate wildlife migration patterns, which often run outside these zones causing conflicts with the populations settled there. In 1998, USAID joined hands with the Government of Tanzania, other donors and conservation NGOs, to undertake a bold new approach in community based conservation. Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs), which are community owned and managed conservation areas, have emerged as the best hope for mitigating human-wildlife conflict outside protected areas. This documentary gives a brief overview of the process for establishing a WMA, the challenges, as well as prospects in making WMAs economically viable as wildlife conservation enterprises.


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