Bat Eared Fox

Bat Eared Fox

The Bat Eared Fox has been walking this earth for a very long time but they are not widely mentioned. Their unique ears are usually over 12 cm in length and are black which is why some refer to them as the black eared fox.

They can be found in the grasslands and savannas of Tanzania where they create dens for themselves and their offspring. Their multiple dens contain several chambers and tunnels with multiple exits for a quick escape.

Their diet mainly consists of insects but occasionally they will feast on other small animals, eggs
and even forna. They are also not big water drinkers because they get a lot of their daily fluid intake from the insects they consume.

The Bat Eared Fox is an excellent runner and can even run in reverse without losing speed in order to lose a predator. They have incredible dodging skills too which makes them hard to catch. The male does most of the work with the young and they are mostly monogamous but have been found to live in polygynous groups.


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