The Gerenuk

The Gerenuk

The Gerenuk is (Litocranius walleri) is a long necked species of antelope which is often referred to as a giraffe necked antelope as this is where the name stems from in the Somali language. They are an unusual looking creature because their head is rather small but their eyes and ears are big, giving them a very unusual appearance.

They like to live in dry areas and don’t need much water to survive because they get most of their
daily fluid intake from dew which they consume by eating leaves, shoot and flowers on trees. The famous acacia trees in Tanzania are a particular favourite of the Gerenuk and they can often be found standing on their back legs reaching their long necks up to enjoy the berries and buds.

The Gerenuk are similar to humans in that they will be active in the day and sleep through the night, choosing a place where they can keep themselves and their young safe from predators.

Because Gerenuks and Giraffes both enjoy the acacia trees, you will often find them eating from the same trees. The Gerenuk stretching up and the Giraffe bending down.

The Gerenuk is considered Near Threatened so work has begun to monitor their species.


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