Wildlife Management Area


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 Situated in central, eastern Tanzania between latitudes 06010'00" and 06030'00"S and longitude 37050'00" and 38015'40" E. Established 2003, Population 65,935
"One of the important transboundary elephant migration corridor" Size: 1391 sq.km Region / District: Tunduru District, Ruvuma Region
"Wildlife at a glance" Size: 639 sq.km Region / District: Morogoro. UKUTU WMA lie between 310000 - 435000 E and 9158000 - 9395000 N. The WMA extends from Mkulazi Forest Reserve in the East to Mikumi National Park in the West.
"The selous wildlife refugee centre during dry season" Size: 767sq.km Region / District: Rufiji District, Coast Region Ngarambe - Tapika WMA is comprised of two villages Ngarambe and Tapika which are located in the Rufiji District of the Coast Region of Tanzania.
"Undiscovered Wealth" Size: 4,515 sq.km Region / District: Liwale Disctrict, Lindi Region Magingo WMA is located in Liwale District at latitude 37° E and 38.30” E, longitude 9° S and 10° S in Lindi region.
"The calm wildlife sanctuary" Size: 2540 sq.km Region / District: South of Sikonge Township, Tabora Region
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