Ngarambe / Tapika - Mungata


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Ngarambe / Tapika - Mungata

"The selous wildlife refugee centre during dry season" Size:  Region / District: Rufiji District, Coast Region

Ngarambe - Tapika WMA is comprised of two villages Ngarambe and Tapika which are located in the Rufiji District of the Coast Region of Tanzania.  

Ngarambe and Tapika villages are located south of the district at the southeast edge of the Selous game Reserve.

Established 2003

Number of villages allocated land to establish WMA 2


  • The WMA is relatively healthy and productive natural system, whose functioning is tied to the freshwater inputs and annual flood cycles. It Surrounds Kichi hill forests which are home to a rich floral and faunal diversity of national and international conservation importance. The area is also home to approximately 5,700 people whose lifestyles and livelihoods are intricately tied to the biological diversity and the functioning of this natural system. The Vegetation of the Ngarambe and Tapika lands is predominantly “miombo” woodland. The large and pristine miombo, Kichi hill forests and Lung’onya plains have been a critical refuge for a range of many wildlife species including elephants especially during the dry season.


  • The WMA is close to Kingupira airstrip (23 km from the WMA centre)




Physical Address

Jumuiya ya Hifadhi Wanyamapori ya Mungata, P.O. Box 28, Utete / Rufiji

 Facilities in the Area

Game Frontiers of Tanzania Ltd P. O. Box 19746, Dar es Salaam

Tel No: +255 784786682 | +255 784786681



+255 22 2668615