Uyumbu - Uwima


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Uyumbu - Uwima

"Wildlife and history at crossroad" Size: 839  Region / District: Urambo District, Tabora Region.

Uyumbu is in Usoke Division, Urambo District, Tabora Region, Uyumbu is located in Southwest of the old historical stave trade transit route at Usoke.

On the East Uyumbu border with Walla Rivers Forest Reserve, and South-west, it borders with Ugalla Game Reserves. On the west, it borders with North Ugalla Forest Reserves and in the North it borders with Izimbili, Ngogolo and Izengabatogilwe villages.

Established 2003

Number of villages allocated land to establish WMA 4


  • The WMA is dominated by open woodlands; with tree species include timber, fruit and medicinal species. Uyumbu inhabit variety of wildlife species like Elephants, Lion, Bufallo, Zebra, Warthog, Eland, Giraffe, Hartebeest, Waterbuck, Hippopotamus, Leopard, Duiker (Common), Kudu, Reedbuck, Sable antelope, Roan antelope, Hyena, Bushbuck, Impala and other species.


  • The nearest airstrip is the Ugalla which is about 50km. The area can also be reached by different roads such as Tabora through Urambo road via Usoke village to Izimbili village.




Physical Address

Jumuiya ya Hifadhi Wanyamapori ya Uwima, P.O.Box 44 Usoke, Urambo, Tabora.


Facilities in the Area

African Buffalo Safari Tracker Company Ltd (Abusat) P. O. Box 218, Shinyanga

Tel No: +255 754336615 | +255 713336615






+255 22 2668615